Silverwinds School is an independent K–12 school serving the Silverwinds Hutterite Community near Sperling, Manitoba. The school was established in 1996 with the founding of Silverwinds Community, in accordance with the long-standing Hutterite commitment to educating children in their local community.

Mission Statement

Silverwinds School strives to offer/deliver/create a well-rounded education that involves the whole person: learning that engages the mind, moves the heart and inspires the hands to meaningful work and service in an Anabaptist-Hutterite-Christian context.



A New School—Present Location

The construction of our new school building began in the summer of 2008, following years of careful planning. As with all Hutterite schools, the Silverwinds Community was responsible for covering the capital costs of the building.

The project unfolded in two phases: phase one focused on the school section, while phase two involved the gymnasium/auditorium. The school portion was completed in time for the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, with the gymnasium side opening a year later.

In addition to a beautiful school building, the school has a spacious playground with soccer and baseball fields, as well as a green space/park created through funding from Environment Youth Corps and other green initiatives. A play structure is currently being installed on the school grounds.

School in the Shop

From 1997-2009, classes were held in the north end of the community’s shop building. The space adjacent to the school, designed as a carwash space, was used as a gymnasium. Since 1997 the Silverwinds School high school program has been delivered in part via the Hutterian Brethren Interactive Television (HB-ITV) system.

In response to its growing student population and as a result of its commitment to education, the community has sponsored the certification of three of its members. Two of the teachers received their teaching degrees through the BUHEP program at Brandon University, the third from the University of Manitoba.



During the inaugural year, 1996-1997, classes were held in a house that was moved to Silverwinds from Ridgeland Community.

The building was destroyed by a fire during the summer break and classes were relocated to the north end of the main shop building.



Staff members at Silverwinds School are very active in both pursuing and organizing quality professional development. They are regularly involved in committees planning the biennial International Conference for Hutterite Educators (ICHE), the annual Hutterite Educators of Manitoba (HEM) and the annual Hutterite German Conference, which the school has hosted twice.



English Teachers

1996–2001 Mrs Anita Schattner (Principal)
1999–2001 Mrs Elaine Blatz
1997–Present Mrs Julianna Enns (Piano)
2001–Present Mr Adrian Hofer (Principal)
2001–2004 Mrs Shauna Findlay
2003–Present Mr Jonathan Waldner
2010–Present Mr Jesse Hofer
2013–2015 Ms Chantelle Gauthier
2015-Present Ms Anna Feely
2016-Present Ms Jessica Martens

Deutsch/Religious Teachers

1996–2004 Mr Michael Waldner
1999–2000 Mr Arnold Hofer
1996–1999 Mrs Lena Wollmann
1999–2008 Mrs Edna Hofer
2008–2013 Mrs Angela Waldner
2013–Present Ms Kelsey Waldner
2015-2019 Ms Lenita Waldner
2017-Present Ms Tanya Wollmann

Educational Assistants

1996–2001 Mrs Clara Wollmann
1996–1999 Mrs Lena Wollmann (German)
1999–2008 Mrs Edna Hofer
Mr Kenny Wollmann (Music)
Mrs Rachelle Wollmann (Music)
 2008–2013  Mrs Angela Waldner
 2006–2014  Mrs Jolene Wollmann (Art)
 2008–Present  Ms Leona Waldner (Librarian)
2012–Present Ms Lenita (Music)
2013 Ms Tanya Wollmann
2013 Ms Laura Hofer (German)
2014–Present Mrs Patricia Nickel